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How an online Life Coach can help you.

Updated: Feb 7

Having life coaching online can be a great way to work on self-development from the comfort of your own home. Here are ten things I feel are worth looking for your life and mindset coach to help you with.

Lady raising her arms in the air, your online life coach.

1. Become the best version of yourself.

In the journey of personal growth, online life coaching serves as a guiding light, unveiling your core strengths and helping you construct a solid foundation for self-improvement. It's not just about change; it's about evolving into the person you aspire to be.


Insomuch that through life coaching you can begin to identify core strengths you may not know you even had if you’re full of self-doubt, or don’t believe you have ‘anything to ‘offer’, then perhaps that’s part of the reason you’re here. Because you do, you just may not realise it yet.

2. Achieve more with a life and mindset coach.

Online life coaching empowers you to set and pursue realistic goals, turning the path to success into a meaningful journey. With various techniques and strategies at your disposal, these coaching sessions become a roadmap to realising your ambitions, both immediate and long-term.


So with the right help, you can start setting realistic goals. Life coaching isn’t just about self-improvement, but also about making that plan as to how you reach for the stars. The journey is as important as the destination. Through online life coach therapy, there are many avenues and routes you can take as well as techniques to learn and utilise to help you reach your goals.

Sucessful business woman, the life and mindset coach story.

3. Self-empowerment and greater self-respect.

Holistic in its approach, life coaching touches every aspect of your being. From physical health to emotional well-being, it fosters positive changes that resonate with momentum and power, elevating your sense of self-empowerment and respect.


Because life coaching covers all aspects of your life – physically, mentally, emotionally – what you eat, what you drink, how often you walk, whether you leave a job or take a one-way flight to a new life – it is all in keeping with enhancing your well-being. When each segment of life improves/changes, that enhancement will feel fuelled with positive ‘pangs’ of momentum and power.

4. Improve your self-esteem.

Mindset coaching naturally enhances your self-esteem by encouraging adjustments to your lifestyle and perspective. A skilled online life coach subtly reinforces methods that bring forth your existing strengths, providing a solid starting point for building confidence.


This begins to happen more naturally as you put mindset coaching to practise. You’ll start to make amendments/improvements to your lifestyle, your outlook and whatever else you are eager to target. A good online life coach will be almost subliminally enforcing methods to better your self-esteem. For example, helping to bring to the surface those things you already possess can be enlightening, emotional, and a really good place to start.

Love yourself with an improved mindset.

5. Rekindle the fun and joy in life.

Life's challenges are inevitable, but life coaching urges you to find joy in the smallest moments. Laughter becomes a therapeutic tool, and reconsidering daily tasks introduces an element of fun. A life coach helps you inject positivity into your routine.


Let’s face it, life can be tough on us all, context is everything and nothing is meaningless, if it’s important to you, then it has relevancy. However, adding in something (even the smallest thing) that brightens your day, your week or even just a few minutes is worth it. The other part of this is laughter – what makes you laugh? And finally – easier – do you really have to do that same mundane task every single day or could you do it every few days? Or perhaps you don’t like easy – that’s fine too!

Guidance from your online life coach.

More than a teacher, a life coach is your companion on a journey of self-discovery. Breaking down life's complexities, they embolden you to explore your inner self, offering guidance and support every step of the way.


A good life coach is not there just to ‘teach’, the clue is in the title. A real ‘coach’ is there to help softly analyse the necessary areas of your life, embolden you and then hold your hand and guide you as you explore your inner self.

Relaxing on a car journey - changing your mindset is a journey too.

7. Enacting Change

Through reflection, planning, and strength identification, life coaching becomes the catalyst for change. It encourages you to embrace transformation, recognising that change is the heart of personal development.


There are many ways to do this and often it is enabled through a combination of strategies. Ultimately, change is at the heart of what most people are looking for when seeking a life or mindset coach.

8. Uncover what truly makes you happy vs what you think does.

Delving into personal passions, a life coach helps you discern genuine joy from assumed interests. Take realising the nuances of a hobby - life coaching guides you to explore and discover authentic sources of happiness.


I will give you my very own example here:

I started baking with my mother when I was very little and could soon do most of it and then all of it on my own. After bouncing around the world, I settled into a home and the first thing I asked for were baking items (as a birthday present) – just some tins and bits.

I baked and took the items into work as I lived alone and didn’t really eat. I have baked on and off again since. However, now, 15 years on from wanting to bake, I realise I don’t think I actually like the process of it. I don’t like washing up, I don’t like eating any of it and I don’t like making a mess.

Also, the ingredients are so expensive. I just thought I loved it and it was a hobby of mine.

So I ask you now to think about some of your hobby’s. Do you REALLY like them for YOU?

This is something a good life coach will help you to explore and who knows, you may discover joys you’d never considered before, or end up discarding something that you’d never realised actually drains you.

Be happy picture.

9. Create a realistic life-map with improved goal setting.

Always set a comfortable pace so as not to be overwhelmed – yet a good life and personal development coach, with your permission will sometimes take the reins and push a bit harder here and there, after all, that is the point. There is no use staying inside your comfort zone. This is not dissimilar to a personal trainer who over time, pushes their clients towards realising their potential.


Ultimately online life coaching encourages a comfortable pace in goal-setting.

10. Play it forward.

This is simple but effective. As you explore each and every part of your personality, you can imagine how any changes or improvement you make will feel in the near and distant future. This makes decision making more efficient and builds the belief in yourself to succeed.  


It’s exactly by exploring different facets of your personality that life coaching enables you to envision your future self. This forward-thinking approach streamlines decision-making and instils the confidence needed for success.

And that’s it from me for today. Remember, I offer life coaching as a part of my wider online therapy services as an NLP practitioner.


Rebecca x


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