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How much does an NLP session cost? 
Online Therapy Prices:
Your Pricing and Options.

Costs can sometimes be confusing, so I hope the table here helps you to see, in-full, how much online therapy prices for sessions with me can be.

Whether it's neuro-linguistic programming therapy sessions or life coaching, I charge the same.

The first 30 minute consultation is free and after that, every session you have with me will last for up to an hour.

The first full hour you have with me is always discounted, to give you the chance to 'try it out' at £35.00 and then after that, my standard rate is £57.50/hour.


However, as you can see, there are discounts available if you are in receipt of benefits or pay in advance for blocks of 5 or 10 sessions.

Use the links in the table showing all my NLP therapy costs to book the right session for you.

Price (£)
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Free Consultation - 30 Mins


Session #1 (Intro Session) - 1 hour


All other Ongoing one hour Sessions (normal rate)


Single Session (1 hour) for benefit recipients.


5x ongoing one hour sessions. Save +10%


10x one hour ongoing sessions. Save +15%

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Otherwise, I do encourage you to get in touch and book a free consultation to see if I can help you, it won't cost you anything and I always love to speak with new people and online NLP Therapy really can work. Alternatively, if you don't feel ready to talk just yet but still have some questions, then visit my Frequently Asked Questions page or email/send me a WhatsApp (options below);

WhatsApp - chat with me about NLP therapy or life skills coaching.

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