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Extra Resources and Reading

In case you're looking for additional help or tips, I'll be adding reading lists or links to some of my favourite books or 'self helf' websites very, very soon. In the meantime, here are a couple of things you may be interested in.

*Please note, should you go on to purchase anything from this page I will recieve a small comission. I use these to help maintain my website.

1. The 60 Second Panic Solution

I haven't tried this personally, but it has been recommended to me by both friends and colleagues alike. Is what it says on the tin I suppose. A quick 60 second solution to help with panic attacks. From what I'm told it is based in a type of Neuro Activation Therapy. Best thing, is that it's less than £5, there are other 'options' you can sign up to if the technique works for you. You can view the details and what it's all about by clicking HERE or the image below;

Clickable image to the 60 Second Panic Solution from your online NLP Practitioner and Life Coach

2. Help Guide is an absolutley fantastic website for anyone looking to read-up or learn more about how to manage or help with numerous issues related to mental health. From PTSD, trauma and Addiction, to stress management, anxiet, depress and even emotional intelligence, it really is a gold mine of informatio n and I would highly recommend checking it out and bookmarking it too,.

Visit website:

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