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There's help, if you need it.

We all know times are hard right now, and most (but not all) therapists/councillors will insist on their 'clients' booking or paying for 'blocks' of appointments whether the 'client' needs them or not. 

However, not here, I understand that sometimes you may not be able to make a session, there are no cancellation fees, you don't miss out - you get to reschedule for no extra cost. Moreover, I do my best to offer discounts if you are currently in receipt of benefits such as Universal credit, ESA, or are unemployed.

​Benefits and/or unemployment:

  • 25% off if you are currently in receipt of benefits.


I also offer discounts for people who book/pay in advance for blocks of 5 or 10 sessions:​

  • +10% off a block of 5 sessions.

  • £90 off a block of 10 sessions.

*All bookings are pre-paid and non-refundable, however rescheduling of any appointment is always available to you. You have a year from the date of payment to utilise your sessions.

  • Discounted Single Session

    25% discount for benefit recipients
    • Singular 1 hour full session (unlimited)
    • Proof of receipt of benefits required.
  • 5 Sessions

    Over 10% off for booking 5 sessions
    • 5 x 1 hour full sessions
    • £51.00/session
  • 10 Sessions

    Over 15% off for booking 10 sessions
    • 10 x 1 hour full sessions
    • BEST VALUE: Save £90
    • £48.50/session

For a free initial consultation booking, please go herescroll for more information, or visit the rest of my site to find out if an NLP therapist could be right for you.

Let's talk

  • Available Online

    Let's spend half and hour together to see if I can help you.

    30 min

  • Available Online

    Your Intro session to NLP, to me and ways we could work together.

    1 hr

    35 British pounds
  • Available Online

    Practical time, with each hour tailored to your specific needs.

    1 hr

    57.50 British pounds
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