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Your professional life and mindset coach.

If you’re considering whether getting an online life coach may be helpful to you, then it already shows you’re open to change. You’ll likely have an idea of where you want to be in life, yet perhaps lack the important life skills, confidence or self-esteem to get there. By applying NLP and acting as a mindset coach I can work with you to help improve the aspects of your life that you wish to work on and arm you with lifelong skills to help you on your way. 

Career and Business Coaching

Your job, business, career or how you do/wish to make money is important, and for some, can form a part of a persons’ identity. Whether you want to take that next step, make a tangible change or supercharge your own skill-set, as a life coach I can help you gain some much needed control and arm you with important life skills so you can prepare for your next challenge.


We can look closely at your desires, end goals, abilities, environment and what you find most stimulating. Confidence coaching is a crucial part to making improvements as is examining your mindset and building on your own strengths in order to empower you to achieve your full potential.

Two people conversing at the office developing new important life skills from their mindset coaching
Two women at a protest displaying strong self-esteem

Assertiveness Coaching

This phase of life coaching I would say is integral to anyone wanting to make changes to themselves as a whole. The reason being is that it looks into exactly how you interact with each and every person in your life, from your closet friends and family, to work colleagues, acquaintances and even strangers.


As we reflect together we’ll work through any realisations or ‘eureka!’ moments we uncover and apply a plethora of skills to help you become the person you want to be. For some, becoming ‘more assertive’ can present a gargantuan challenge, yet we can break this challenge up together and work piecemeal, building your confidence as we go.

Stress Management

An incredibly vast topic at the onset, yet one I would expect to encounter with anyone during life coaching. We’ll look at and examine your root causes, stress related health problems, personality types and ways you currently ‘try’ to manage stress.

From here, working as your online life coach we can progress together towards changing stressful behaviour, exercises in stress management and if you so desire, using NLP to  create anchors for calming responses applied to usually stressful situations or occurrences unique to you.  

Stressed Woman in need of an online life coach
Woman concerned by her appearance looking into her reflection in  a window. She can address her concerns with an online life coach.

Immediate Concerns & Prioritisation

You may find yourself unable to truly break free from any number of worries, anxieties, endless ‘to do’ lists, ideas, thoughts, feelings, internal dialogues etc, that all just seem to float around at the forefront of your mind. Whatever it may be that is occupying this ‘space’ we can work together and methodically ‘offload’ some residue in order to create a less cluttered starting point.

From here we can work on ways to permanently de-clutter, to better organise, become more productive and ultimately more relaxed in the process (the list really is endless). Together we can work out a manageable system or approach that doesn’t feel arduous, but instead, makes sense to you, and tempers any ambiguity.

Relationship Coaching

If you’re currently in a relationship then my advice would be to bring your partner into this part of your life coaching overall. As unique as you are, so is your relationship too and thus it’s important to make sure we are working with all perspectives. Together we can study happiness, areas of conflict, methods of communication, thinking, sensitivity, needs and wants and much more.

This isn’t to say however that if we are taking a more broad approach to your life coaching and even if you aren’t in a relationship in this very moment that there aren’t methods, tools and ideas we can apply.

A couple in a bubble
A happy man having developed new resilience skills

Strengths, passions and resilience skills

This part of life coaching builds self-esteem, helps to improve upon those important life skills you already possess and examines your mindset and how you approach life. Together we can not only identify an ever-growing repertoire of these positives already apparent in your life but as a life coach I can help you to align and better utilise them in ways that speak to your core value, who you are and what you stand for.

Rooting yourself from within your strengths or passions will build resilience, enable you to challenge your worldview and help you to see the ‘good’ in yourself. For example, it may be that you build a new confidence yet you do not want to lose your sight of your humble character and instead you can apply certain skills and qualities without the need of recognition nor praise. Even if you’re currently in a place where you can’t see any good in yourself, or feel as though you lack passion, skills etc… we can certainly work on that too, we just begin from a different starting point.

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