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Better navigate the shifting sands of your own mind.
Try NLP, begin to sieze back control.

You can re-frame your thnking & approach life in a different way.

This is your story, you can be in control again.

Here are just a few of my favourite methods.
Don't worry if it all seems too much right now, NLP covers a vast array of therapy 'techniques', we can work together on others to find ones that work for you.

Foot Tracks on Sand

Belief Changing

Identify negative beliefs that have become a self-fulfilling prophecy. Together we can explore this and look to find new positive beliefs, essentially replacing the negative.

You may not always want to challenge your internal belief system and you may not need to, yet NLP can help to unlock many beliefs you already possess and these can in turn, become the foundation to your own strengths and a part of your new support system.

Sahara Desert


Reframing is one NLP process I can teach and guide you through.

It is utilised when dealing with internal resistance and discovering other routes you can take to achieve your end goals.


Reframing is a form of ‘positive intention’ and the principle itself works with the notion that all behaviours are, or were ‘positively intended’ on some sort of level at least.

Together we can explore and discover the root of a 'negative' feeling, response or action in the past. Find alternatives and positive resources that endorse the positive intent, but have no harmful ramifications.



When certain troubles play on your mind - instead of over thinking about them (the root of a lot of anxiety), we can together explore guided visualisations with the aim they eventually become part of your natural thought process. Visualisations aren’t for everyone but like anything, they can become a part of our arsenal, your toolkit, and as with everything, you can pick the bits that work best for you and discard those that don’t.

Sand Dunes

Therapy that adapts to you - whether you're aware of it or otherwise

And finally

Remember that the foundation of what I do is to make therapy a safe place tailored for you. You’ll never be judged or pushed on points you’re not comfortable with (until you are ready) and we’ll work together to find the right techniques and help that you need, whether you see them on this site or not.

There is no script to follow, boxes to tick, or a fixed way of working. Your sessions with me can become whatever you need them to become, yet always with your end goals in mind.


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