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In-person or Online NLP Therapist & Life Coach
NLP therapy tailored for you.

Your journey towards improved wellbeing begins here.

A representation of a journey towards better mental health as a consequence of NLP and coaching

Both tailored NLP online therapy and your mindset coach

Welcome, if you're looking for therapy to aid with things such as how to fight depression, to relieve stress or anxiety or to learn new life skills, then as an NLP therapist it's my hope you're in the right place.

Similarly, you could be wanting to further your career or are looking for a personal development coach to help you take those next life steps you’ve always dreamed of.


Perhaps you feel as though your life is at a cross-roads, are burned out from either working too hard or from facing the day-to-day trials and tribulations that life brings. Are you laden with self-doubt, caught in a spiral of unhelpful thoughts or feel the need to work on your own self-worth? Are you hampered by low self-esteem, or being held back by past trauma that you just can’t seem to figure out?

Or, you could be somewhere in-between. Regardless, I want you to know you’re welcome here.  I'm an NLP therapist, read on to see if we could be a potential match for each other. 


Whatever goal you have in mind, perhaps you feel like you just need some help in life from someone? Well NLP online therapy can be a great way to get back on track.


If any of the above resonates with you, then there’s every chance I can help. As a certified NLP practitioner and Life Coach, people come to me with a plethora of life challenges, more than I can put here and more complex than is necessarily imaginable, yet my hope is that having worked together, you’ll leave with both increased clarity and confidence, as well as a deeper understanding of yourself and new, fresh ways to approach and overcome whichever obstacles you face.


As an NLP certified coach and therapist I'll help you to explore your internalised communication systems, personal development and help you challenge deep-rooted beliefs.


Conquer lesser helpful belief systems, habits and thought processes that hold you back.


Benefit from proven techniques whilst at the same time a unique and tailored approach designed around you. Everyone is different and so are my approaches with each person.


Break free of your shackles with a re-worked approach to life and a re-framing of previous ‘negatives’ for a more positive outlook, better self-esteem and less worry, stress or self-doubt. Discover intrinsic relief from your current troubles and gain hope and optimism for a brighter the future.

Why work with an NLP therapist?

NLP at its core is an alternative and often successful approach to how we internalise and communicate, both with ourselves and outwardly.

Empathy, zero judgement, transparency and trust form the building blocks of my work.


WhatsApp, click this image to chat with me about your therapy needs

Trained NLP Life Coach

As a trained life coach with my work routed in NLP theraputic practises, I can help you to unpack the less helpful aspects of your life and build a new foundation to help achieve your goals.

NLP Therapist & Practitioner

I’m a certified NLP practitioner, which means everything we do together has a bedrock in the tapestry of neuro-linguistic programming approaches and more specifically, a study of the inner you.

1:1 NLP Online Therapy
or in person.

Online therapy sessions are what they say they are, but In-person sessions are also available if you are close by.

All sessions with me are flexible and arranged at times to suit you. No cancellation fees.

NLP Therapy and/or Coaching

NLP by definition is not a process, but a study of your own experiences and how they can be re-framed or put to work in a better way for you. Hence, the online therapy sessions we have together will be unique and designed just for you.

Rebecca Gater. NLP Practitioner, Therapist and Life Coach
Image depicting peace achieved from coaching with online NLP therapy
WhatsApp, click this image to chat with me about your therapy needs

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Image depicting serenity attained by online NLP therapy

Hi, I'm Rebecca

NLP therapist, Practitioner and NLP Life Coach

Welcome to my little corner of the world, one filled with empathy, thoughtfulness and understanding. My priority here is you and only you. You’re here for your own reasons and it’s my hope that we can work together to help you achieve your goals in life, be they mental health orientated or otherwise.


I’m a qualified NLP Therapist, Practitioner and Life Coach and like everybody I have my own story - what got me to you, is one that’s particularly pertinent. I have Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) and a history of body dysmorphia, an  eating disorder, addiction and mental health issues. I encourage you to read my personal mental health story to find out more about me and how I got to a place where I’m able to help others, but you can rest assured, not only will I always have a sympathetic ear, my work is also not based just in theory, but complimented by real world experiences too.


At present, I am the mother of a little boy and a little girl who are absolutely delightful, but challenging at times. I am married to a man who is the most patient, kind and beautiful human being and also has his own mental health story. We hope to adopt one day, fingers crossed.


Workwise, I have been a Private Personal Assistant for 12 years which has allowed me to travel much of the globe. I’ve also resided and worked in both Hawaii and Malaysia.


I now have a few regular clients and work remotely these days, so my hours are very flexible. This is what has afforded me the time to study for and achieve the qualifications I have thought of attaining for many years and to be able to offer tailored NLP online therapy to help people just like you


When I’m not working or being a mummy, I simply love to watch TV series. I absolutely love chocolate, warm weather and laughing with close friends and my husband. My favourite movie is ‘The Devil Wears Prada’ and other TV favourites are ‘Would I Lie To You’ or unsolved crime docuseries.


Thinking of having NLP Therapy?

An NLP therapist can help you get you where you want to be...

Destress with a calm background image
Depection of improved self-esteem because of NLP therapy

Self Esteem

Examine and re-programme your ego and learn to both love and respect yourself.

Worries & Stress

Tackle your incomplete/unresolved "stories" that evoke worry, panic and tension. Free your mind.


NLP can pinpoint events that trigger addiction patterns and help overcome the habits preventing you from stopping.

Image of a re-programmed mind from sucessful help via an NLP life coach

Coach & Reprogram your Thinking

We cannot change your past but using NLP and online therapy we can figure out together why your internal map has taken you on a particular path thus far -  and from there, re-program and begin to change the course of your life.


Identify and change triggers by exploring core feelings (conscious or otherwise), unique to you.


An NLP therapist can help you manage depression in a new, and hopefully better & easier way. Emerge from and bat it away as far away as possible.


Enquire here: Your new life begins with you (and your wishes)

Thanks for getting in touch!

(Other) Contact & More Info

Text or Whatsapp

Email me

Qualifications & Insurance

07900 718088

Practitioner Diploma in NLP, Life Skills and Abnormal Psychology.


Liabilities Insurance FYHO/GRATRE1/23/5 w/Newline

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